Sunday, December 13, 2009

Santa's workshop

Saturday, we headed up to Pike's Peak (despite our GPS totally taking us the wrong way....again!!) and went to Santa's workshop at the "North Pole". I am pretty sure I had been there before as a kid but what I didn't remember was that it was an amusement park. I don't remember there being rides there so I was a little worried how Carter would do. He ended up only going on a couple of things but there was so much other stuff to do that we felt we got our money's worth. It was quite chilly outside. I'm glad I brought our heavy coats, hats, and gloves. Olivia slept almost the whole time except for when it was time to eat. She loves being in that sling, I'm tellin' ya! I was so glad not to have to push that stroller everywhere...especially uphill! When we got home, we lit a fire and watched a little t.v. before putting the kids to bed. We'll definitely go back next year!

The scenery:


Momma and her babies:

Where Santa's letters go:

Daddy and Carter man:

This was one of the two things Carter actually wanted to get on:

This was the other ride he got on, and the first one, which is probably why he didn't want to ride anymore!! :0)

Family photo:

Carter at the north pole:

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