Saturday, August 13, 2011

Catching up

I have been really neglecting my blog lately. I haven't taken a single picture in over a week. I've just been busy doing other things besides being on the computer. And I tell you what, boy have I been productive this week! I love to blog and I LOVE reading other people's blogs but it is such a time consumer. So, I thought I'd post some of the most recent pictures I do have (totally unrelated to this post) and tell you what we've been up to here.

Last Thursday Theo found out he had been selected for a new job right here in our "neighborhood". It was quite unexpected and he's working for someone very important so it's such a blessing. A LOT more work with way longer hours but the opporunity couldn't be passed up.  We are certain this will help his career down the road so it's worth it. God is so faithful and I will write an entire post on that when I have more energy!

Saturday morning, Amy let Theo use her guest pass so we went to the gym and took the kids swimming. They have such an awesome pool there and it was great to have Theo there for a change.  Olivia was not very happy with all of it but she was so out of sorts last week that I should have known to expect that. I can't remember what we did Saturday night but I'm pretty sure we just hung out since Olivia wasn't being herself.

Sunday was Theo's birthday. We all went to mass together which was quite an experience!  That night we got a babysitter. Theo, Isaiah, and I went to see Planet of the Apes. This was Isaiah's first movie theater experience and he ROCKED it! I was nervous about taking him to such a loud movie but he did perfectly and I was so thankful to have a date with Theo and my little man. We needed a break from the older two for sure :)

Unfortunately, when we got home late that night, Theo went outside and saw that Roxy was not moving or breathing. He came upstairs to tell me and I just lost it. Don't get me wrong, I loved our litle rabbit but wasn't particularly attached to her the way Theo and the kids were. But when I found out she died, I was so unbelievably sad. I couldn't bear the thought of having to tell Carter. But that's also something I will have to post about another time.  Let's just say, he handled it waaaay better than I did.

Monday, Theo started his new job and I took the opportunity to go visit my bestest friend Meredith in Denver. We had a good day together even with Olivia's crankiness.  I am going to make a better effort to get up there and spend as much time as I can with one of my most favorite people in the world.

Tuesday it was back to the gym and I so enjoyed a break from all the kids. Tuesday night we watched Theo play his last softball game of the season. It's always fun to watch Theo as an athlete. Olivia loves cheering for her daddy. It sounds like she says "Chew dadda, chew dadda!" which is really "Go daddy!"

Wednesday night we headed to a concert in our old neighborhood. I was supposed to go to meet the teacher night at Carter's school but got a message on Monday saying his original teacher accepted another job. Really, a week before school starts?!!? So in an effort to not panic, I called my school teaching momma and she convinced me not to worry, that Carter would have a teacher :)

Thursday Carter's friend from next door came over. It was so nice for someone else to occupy Carter for a couple of hours! :) Thursday night we went to the gym. They have "music by the pool" every week and Amy and I have been going to that and just having some uninterrupted girl time.

As for this weekend, we are just going to relax. We may go down to Fountain so Theo can use his Father's day present (a groupon for going to race cars. Really fast, fancy cars!) I have to volunteer at church but other than that, no big plans. Hope you all have a great weekend. I'll be crying as this is my last chance to sleep in for a while since Carter starts kindergarten Monday!!!

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