Tuesday, August 16, 2011

First day of school

I truly can't believe it! But I guess I gushed all about it yesterday......

Carter's first day went exceptionally well. I was a little anxious about it after the whole preschool orientation nightmare :) His teacher is really sweet. I think he'll have a great school year.

Sunday, we went to the library and checked out a couple of books about kindergarten and the first day of school. I think this helped and he enjoyed reading about school.
He was a little unsure of everything Monday morning. But by the time we picked up Theo and headed to school, he was so excited! He chatted the whole drive there and literally ran into the school.
But not before I could have one of the teacher's snag this photo of us:
We met in the common area with all of the other kindergarteners and then proceeded to his classroom.
These are some of his classmates. They're waiting so eagerly to go inside their room.
The teacher read a special story about the first day of school and then told the kids to kiss their parents and tell them goodbye.
I was so proud I didn't cry. I did all of my crying on Sunday!

 While Carter was at school, I baked these special pillsbury "back to school" cookies with little school buses on them!
 I brought some to him when I picked him up. I think baking cookies on the first day of school might have to be a tradition :)

Also while Carter was gone, Olivia no kidding asked every minute "Bubba, bubba!?" I kept telling her he was at school and she'd say "Oh!". And then when Carter got in the car, he said "Momma, did Olivia ask about me?" I smiled and said "Yes, about every 5 seconds!" I thought it was so sweet that he wanted Olivia to miss him :)

And because I'm feeling sentimental, these are a couple of pictures from Carter's first day of preschool last year. My, how things have changed!
(Oh, and FYI, I got the kindergarten sign from here. The password is welcome and you may have to sign up to receive their e-mails.)

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Carol said...

I love seeing all the pictures of his school. He is going to have a great year. I love you all!