Friday, August 19, 2011

He We survived!

Carter (and Olivia and I) survived his first week of big boy school! Can't believe it's already over. The time just flew by! Olivia didn't know what to make about all of it. She cried every single time Carter got out of the car. She's not used to not having her big brother around.

I, on the other hand, hit the gym Tuesday through today. Once I stop nursing and can really cut my calories back and rev up my exercise, I tell you what, I'm going to be in tip top shape at the end of the school year :) Well, here's to wishful thinking at least! The gym is such a godsend. I get 2.5 hours of childcare everyday. It's just enough time for me to drop Carter off, work out, shower, nurse Isaiah, and then go back and get Carter. I love having that time to myself as it's a MUCH needed break these days!

We had back to school night last night. Honestly, Olivia was so out of control, I couldn't tell you much about it other than to say his teacher is very sweet, highly qualified and is going to make a phenonmenal teacher for Carter. He loves school which I couldn't be happier about!

I'll blink and this little one will be starting kindergarten!
I hope all of my teacher friends and family members have a great first (or second, dad!) week back. I must say though, having to get up early every day this week sure will make me appreciate my weekends a lot more!

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