Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Six months old!

Yesterday, Isaiah turned six months old. Half of a year already gone by. Half way until his very first birthday. Half of a year that I've been even more complete since he came into my life. Half of a year where my heart has trippled with love. Half of a year that I have spent in love with the new man in my life. What an amazing baby he is.

At six months old, Isaiah, you:

-weigh 15 pounds and 1 ounce (which is only in the tenth percentile but you have more than doubled your birth weight so all is well)

-are 27.5 inches in height (which is the 85 percentile if she measured you correctly!)

-still nurse about every three hours around the clock and are basically off of formula supplementation as of now. I will bring a bottle for you at church sometimes but have done away with the bottle at the gym and you seem perfectly fine. I'm taking a massive amount of fenugreek and not running at all so I think the combination of those two things has really helped boost my milk supply.

-are loving your baby food. To date, you have had rice cereal, banana one time, sweet potatoes, avocado about three times, plums, and peaches. Your favorite so far is the peaches. Rice cereal and sweet potatoes are a close second. You LOVE to eat! You do so well with the baby food and hardly spit any of it out.

-take two naps still.....about two hours in the morning and about two hours in the afternoon

-still wake up frequently throughout the night and I've resigned myself that this is just how it's going to be. You love snuggling right up next to me during the wee hours of night. If I move, you almost always wake up so I basically sleep in the exact same position all night.

-you spend the first three hours at night in your crib (and your naps as well) but once you're up about 10:30 at night, I let you just stay in the bed with me. We all get more sleep that way.

-when you do cry, you are making sounds that sound like "mamamama" but I don't think you're really saying it yet!

-coo and smile and make sounds all the time

-are starting to have a little stranger anxiety and sometimes cry if other people are holding you

-have one bottom tooth that has finally broken through on the left side. Dr. Lisa thinks the white bumps on your upper gums are indeed your teeth coming in just waaaay early!

-are gnawing on EVERYthing but prefer fingers or hard plastic toys. You are a major finger sucker and still don't care too much about a pacifier (except the human pacifier named mommy!!)

-are rolling over from tummy to back all the time but still haven't mastered from back to tummy. You're not too crazy about tummy time but we're working on it.

-still have a crazy hairdo. What didn't fall out last month is barely hanging on but you have some new hair (same color) growing in on the sides now

-are the apple of not only your mommy and daddy's eye, but Carter's and Olivia's too!

We love you more with each passing day. Thank you for being such an amazing baby and we are so blessed you are our son!

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