Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Olivia had her 18 month check up today and Isaiah had his two month visit. I love that I hardly ever have to wait for long to be seen and I love that my pediatrician is my friend! (I don't think one has anything to do with the other though :)!!)

Olivia still weighs 21 pounds but she has a double chin (just like her momma) and big thighs (again, just like her momma!) so I honestly don't know why she doesn't weigh more. She did great with her visit and vaccine. The whole time Lisa was examining her, she sat there smiling and licking the flavored tounge depressor. Note to self: When I go back to work, if I'm working in a pediatric clinic, I MUST invest in flavored tongue depressors! So back to Olivia....when she got her immunization, she literally said "Uh!" and that was it. She got off the table and started playing again. I couldn't believe it. The medical assistant said she's found that if the parents aren't right there in the child's face and if she holds them a certain way, the kids almost never cry. Will definitely remember that for next time!

Isaiah weighs in at 10 pounds and 4 ounces which is surprisingly on the 12% but he's gained 3.5 pounds in two months and is a chunk so he's right on track. He's 22.5 inches long (40%). He wasn't so lucky with his shots but to be fair, he had 3! He cried for a couple of minutes than I nursed him and he was all good!

Carter was more worked up about their shots than they were. He kept saying "I know you're going to be mad but you don't have a choice" in his little sing-songy voice. Right now, he's downstairs threatening to "break down all the rooms" because he didn't earn any t.v. time today! Ahhh, life with a strong-willed four year old....I bend over backwards to make him happy but when I finally stop doing that for a moment, all hell breaks loose!

Alright, well, I have some discipline that needs tending too! I'll hopefully be back tomorrow! Will try and add some pictures later once my camera battery is charged.

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ruslinga said...

Double chin and fat thighs like momma, I don't think so. You're so skinny and you have 3 kids! Hot mama is what you are girl! So glad they're all doing so well. They're beautiful! I'll keep saying it. I don't know how you're doing it, you're amazing!