Sunday, April 24, 2011

Our Easter

Confession: Our Easter wasn't as great as I had wanted it to be. Theo worked last night and was so tired when he got home that the kids and I went to church by ourselves. I was so rushed to do everything myself and be there on time since I go to a huuuuuuuge church (which I knew would be crowded today) that I was yelling at Carter and barking orders at Olivia. Great way to start the morning off, right? Not to mention, it snowed last night and the weather was so nasty all day today. But when I walked into the sanctuary, I felt all of my anxiety from the morning just melt away.  I had an amazing praise and worship time and really felt the Holy Spirit's presence. But after church, it was back to reality.

 I always seem to get so frustrated when I try and take pictures of all three kids. I am often heard yelling "Why do I even bother!" See the examples below :)

This first one turned out okay of my two boys:
 These, not so much:
 Olivia was in melt down mode most of the time:
 Refusing to take her thumb out of her mouth
I finally gave up on my live subjects and focused my efforts on things what wouldn't move or talk back: 
 Nana sent the kids a ton of Easter goodies! I feel a little guilty because she did more for them than I did. Most of the stuff outside of the baskets was from her. Thanks Nana! We love you!!!
 Carter's new outfit from Nana

 Grandma and PopPops also sent the kids some clothes and Olivia a doll but all of that stuff had already made it upstairs so I didn't get a picture of it.

Mom bought the most adorable cute smocked dress with rabbits on it a while ago. I couldn't wait for Olivia to wear it this morning. Unfortunately, she was quite uncooperative so I couldn't get a good picture of it. Or of the two of us so this is as good as it gets:
 Finally managed a decent picture with me and the boys but as you can see I had to resort to sitting on the floor...Poor Theo was in his pajamas most of the day hence why he's not in any photos.
Right now, all of the kids are in bed and I'm trying to calm down from the crazy day. This has been a rough week. It seems like most weeks leading up to holidays (especially spiritual ones) are stressful. But as Easter winds down, it is my hope that I will daily reflect upon the life of Christ and strive to be more like Him. I know I can't do it with my own effort. I must rely on his Holy Spirit to work within me. That will be the only way I can ever change for the better!

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