Thursday, April 21, 2011

My creative side

Every year I have wanted to make, or should I say decorate, the kids Easter baskets. What I originally had in mind were tin pails but couldn't find any. So I went to the trusty old Dollar tree and found some cute bins for a buck. Can't beat that!

Now I am no artist, but I thought they turned out pretty cute once I painted on them. The white paint pen was tricky because some of the time it was really runny and then eventually ran out of ink. But this is what I came up with and for not much money, they're pretty cute! The boys baskets have the same bunny that I drew on the pink basket.

I made one for Isaiah but realized I didn't have anything to fill it with since he's so young. So right now, it has empy Easter eggs but I'm sure I'll come up with something!

Olivia's does have her name on the back but it didn't turn out as cute as the boys did.


Carol said...

They turned out great , sweetie!

The Shoemakers said...

That is so cute. I have never done easter baskets because the grandparents usually do them one and we end up with 2-3 baskets each. lol