Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Random Ramblings

I finally decided on some bedding for Isaiah. I originally wanted mom to make the bedding but I had been unable to find any fabric that I just loved. So I ordered this bedding from the Company Store and  ordered it in batches to take advantage of multiple coupons I had! Scandalous I know :) But I'm nothing if not a bargain shopper.  So, little man has bedding but no bed! Here is what I ordered for his room:

It coordinates so perfectly with Carter's bedding! (picture taken in our old house)

I think this is the crib we've decided on but I still need to go look at Baby Depot again.
I don't know how exactly we'll do nighttime routines once Isaiah does graduate to his crib but I suppose we'll figure it out just like we have with everything else!

On a completely different note, I got the new Pottery Barn catalog in the mail yesterday and am LOVING their beverage dispensers!

 I have one similar from Target but these are super nice and I would love to have one but don't think my frugal husband would approve :) But a girl can hope right? After all, my birthday, our anniversary, and Mother's Day is all happening next month....but I've already got my present picked out for that........

I know I said we were going to stay at the Y but the Y by our house has been "full" several times I've gone with either the baby room or "walker" room not accepting kids. I went Monday but couldn't bring Olivia. It was going to be a 15 minute wait for a spot to open up. I didn't have 15 minutes to wait and furthermore, what would I do while I wait? So instead of joining Lifetime Fitness, I think I've finally convinced Theo to let me join this place:

It's right across the street from our old neighborhood. We didn't join then because it's the most expensive fitness center in town as far as I know. But Amy let me use her guess pass two weekends ago (and my sweet husband kept all three kids) so I could go check it out. It was amazing!!! You can see why here. So I've asked for that for my birthday. They have incredible indoor and outdoor pools and a whole lot of other great stuff. 

I rationalized it to Theo this way: I told him that I don't really get to do anything else for myself. I don't get my hair colored (I barely get it cut!), I don't get manicures or pedicures. I don't have the latest phone or computer or anything else for that matter. I drive a six year old car which I am perfectly happy with. I get most of my clothes from Ross or Kohl's. I am about as low maintenance as they come. So at least I could do this for myself. I think he went for it. Plus, he's not going to join since he works late almost everyday and wouldn't drive across town to go workout when there is a gym at his work (and a mile from our house). So that'll make it less expensive. Plus, another perk, they are extending their childcare hours to 2.5 hours a day. That is the exact amount of time I would need while Carter was at school. I could go there instead of driving all the way back home. So I'm pretty excited! Or at least I will be once I finally join, which will probably be the end of May.

Anyway, so those are my random ramblings for today! The rest of the week is filling up finally! We are going to have a playdate with my friend from MOPS on Friday, are hanging out with Lisa on Thursday and am supposed to meet up with Amy one afternoon this week. Finally, loneliness has left the building....for this week at least!

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ruslinga said...

Love the bedding! So cute, with the flight school on the pillow. I hope we have a little boy someday.
I love Pottery Barn, one of everything please!!! If only I were rich, I would be dangerous.
Enjoy the gym, it looks & sounds fabulous! I just jog with Claire with the jogging stroller, I don't even know if I know what to do at a gym anymore.
It's nice to hear that I'm not the only one that doesn't get any of the grooming luxuries anymore. Someday, right???