Saturday, April 30, 2011

Our weekly highlights

This week was much better than the last! Praise the Lord for that. Carter and Olivia have been on their best better behavior. Carter had school both days this week which always seems to help.
Monday, I joined my new gym. This is my Mother's Day, anniversary (also on Mother's Day), and early birthday present. They were doing a no-enrollment fee special this past week so I went ahead and joined. It has been like heaven on earth. It is very upscale, which it should be for the price we are paying. But I told Theo, it is worth every penny for me to be able to shower, dry my hair and put on my make-up by myself! The locker rooms are wonderful and the showers are bigger than the ones at our house. Wednesday when I went, all I did was sit in the whirpool, then get ready. I didn't even work out but it was sooooo nice!

Thursday, I took Carter and Olivia to the daycare by our house for hourly care. That too was heaven on earth. For twenty dollars, both kids stayed 2.5 hours and even had snacks and lunch. Isaiah and I went to Hobby Lobby, then to Babies R Us to order his crib finally.

Carter and Olivia did really well there and the ladies in Olivia's class begged me to bring her back. They said she was the sweetest cutest thing and they would love to have her anytime! Ha! Come over to our house around 5 p.m. and you might be singing a different tune! :)

Today marks the start of Theo's vacation! Per my suggestion, he is taking a week off and I am thrilled. This is not purely a fun filled week off for him though. He's trying to buckle down and finish his last two Master's classes. He should be done at the end of May. He'll have to take his comp exams over the summer and then he'll hopefully be done for good!!!!

We are planning on going up to Denver and visiting the aquarium or something fun. But other than that, we don't have any huge plans. If we can get our babysitter for Friday night, then we'll go out on an official date for our anniversary but we'll see. Jessica is now working so her schedule isn't as open as it was before. But hopefully she can come so Theo and I (and Isaiah, Mr. I-don't-want-to-take-a-bottle) will go out :)

So until next time...have a great weekend!

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