Saturday, April 2, 2011

Two months old!

My oh little tiny fragile newborn is gone and has been replaced with a sweet, smiling, strong baby boy! Isaiah doesn't go for his two month check-up until Tuesday but I'm pretty sure he's about ten pounds. I looked back at my two month post from Olivia and she was ten pounds even at two months and weighed almost a pound more at birth than little man! I'm so thankful and relieved that nursing is going so well this time!

My sweet precious boy, at two months old, you:

-are such a sweet baby! You love to look at your family and just smile and coo. It's almost as if you do it on command. Carter loves talking baby talk to you and says "Hey little mansomest (a nickname I gave him that is a combination of man and handsomest!), give me some smiles!" It melts this momma's heart. And you almost always smile at him!

-still eat about every two to four hours around the clock. Sometimes you'll have a five hour stretch during the day or night but it's not the norm. But you are so worth the sleep interrupted nights!

- are still somewhat cranky during the witching hours but are getting less so some nights. You are consolable when I walk around with you. It seems that no matter what time we sit down for dinner, you are mad :) You seem to sense that you should be getting some food too!

- are doing much better now that you are on reflux medicines. You are such a gassy baby and respond well to Mylicon too. You are quite a spitter upper but with the Zantac, you don't seem too bothered by it.

- wear a size one disposable diaper and wear cloth diapers during the day most of the time now.

-wear size 0-3 months clothes but the cloth diapers make you look so huge!

-have only worn a pair of shoes once and they were a size one hand-me-down pair from Carter

-are not too fond of the baby einstein playmat the way your siblings were but LOVE the bouncy chair and often take naps there. You are finally starting to like the swing but not as much as the bouncy chair

-are often placed in your carseat for naps even when we aren't going anywhere and those are the best naps for you. You love being upright on account of your reflux and are most comfortable in your carseat.

-don't like sleeping in the miracle blanket when I first wrap you in it but it definitely makes for a much sounder night of sleep! Carter says you look like you are in a cocoon when in the blanket! :)

-wake up at least a couple of times a night, nurse, and then fall asleep. I think more times than not, you aren't even hungry but are so gassy that it wakes you up. I'm hoping you will sleep longer stretches soon. I put you down while you are drowsy or awake in your pack and play and you usually fall asleep within a few minutes. I no longer have to nurse you to sleep, both during the day or at night, which is so nice for me!!

-are in finally falling into a somewhat predictable pattern during the day which makes things much easier

-are still your momma and daddy's sweet baby boy and we love watching you grow and change everyday. We love you more than the whole world!

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