Friday, April 22, 2011

A Good Friday Indeed

As my Catholic husband tells me always this time of year, us "Protestants" don't celebrate Good Friday the way we should. I happen to agree. When did Easter become about bunnies, eggs, new outfits, and candy? Don't get me wrong, we are having all of the above but when Carter starts talking about his presents for Easter, I remind him exactly what it is we are celebrating.

And since today is Good Friday, I am stopping to reflect on Jesus' crucifixion and what that means for my life personally. When I am at church and it's praise and worship time, I often have tears streaming down my face because I think about just how good God is to me. I think about what he has saved me from, both here on earth and in eternity. I think about how much he loves me and how faithful his promises are. I can't imagine sacrificing my own son in order to save mankind. How generous and loving is a God who does that!

Pastor Brady preached on worship this past Sunday. He posed the question that I hope will now guide most of my days (I'm paraphrasing here): If we didn't have this amazing praise and worship team, these incredible instruments and musicians, great song lyrics, and a giant sanctuary, would we still worship Him? I hope my answer would be yes. God is so worthy of my worship and adoration and in the day to day midst of it all, I often forget it. But I am trying to be more mindful of it and truly savor being in His presence and giving him all of my heart in praise.

So Happy Easter from our family to yours and may you truly be blessed both on Easter and every day to come!