Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ferrara's Apple Farm

Today the four of us ventured out to the apple orchard an hour away from our house. It was such a beautiful day which was nice after having nasty cold weather for three days in a row earlier in the week. Unfortunately, we didn't get to pick too many apples because the ones left on the trees were not quite ripe. But we did however get to pick raspberries and a pumpkin.

There were a ton of people there yesterday and lots of kids. Carter had a great time and loved the tractor ride the most.

I carried Olivia in the sling almost the whole day and she must have liked it because she slept the whole six hours we were out other than to wake up and eat twice.

After our berry and pumpkin, we stopped at their country store and Theo had a piece of this to eat:

We went shopping afterwards and grabbed a late lunch at the food court. Both kids did so well today. Makes me realize I can handle two kids!

Happy two week birthday Olivia!! We love you more and more each day.


The Shoemakers said...

OMG that is the best pic of her yet!! She does resemble her brother when he was that age...I miss when mine were that small. Cherish every know how fast they grow! Love ya sis.

carol said...

I don't know where to start with this post! I love the shoes!!!! Great picture of Olivia with her eyes open! Love the pictures of you wearing your sling. The pictures of your two boys are priceless! Glad you had a happy day out!!!! I love you all so much!