Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Milk....does a baby good!

We went for Olivia's two week check-up today. And after her first weight check visit and that whole fiasco of them telling me she had lost a pound in two days, I will admit I was a little anxious. I had been telling Theo that I know she is gaining weight because her legs are full of rolls :) I wasn't with the medical assistant while she weighed her because I was busy answering questions about Carter. So when she came in and said Olivia weighed 7#8, I was a little skeptical. So I insisted that we go re-weigh her. Sure enough, the scale said she was 7.8 pounds. What I guess the medical assistant didn't know what that was not equivalent to 8 ounces because the scale is a metric scale. What Olivia actually weighs is 7#s 13 ounces. Ahhhh, much better. I knew she had gained more than 5 ounces in two weeks. She gained about 10 ounces in two weeks which is right on target. Newborns are supposed to gain between 1/2 and 1 ounce a day. Everything looked fine for her. She did not have thrush but just milk on her tastebuds...which was my first instinct even though I did end up calling and getting some Nystatin for her :) She won't go back until she is two months old.

Carter weighed 34 pounds and is 38.5 inches tall (the 75 percentile for height...hmmmmm, wonder where he gets that from!!) He is developmentally on track although he wouldn't answer the pediatrician's questions like "Carter, what do you do when you're tired/hungry/etc?" He just looked at me, smiled and said "I don't know". I held back from braggin about how truly smart he actually is and was just being silly. I didn't want to come across as one of those moms! I started doing "preschool" with him at home this week. I need to get more organized and then I think it will go more smoothly. But Carter told Theo Monday that he liked having school with mommy. We only do about 20 minutes a day as this is about all his attention span can handle at this point. And Olivia is usually awake too which makes it more difficult to concentrate on Carter. But so far, so good.

And in closing, I will leave a picture of my adorable children.


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carol said...

Good news on the weight gain!!! Yeah for milk on the tastebuds :) I sure do have some cute grandkids! Love you all bunches and bunches.

Christine said...

Your kids are precious!