Thursday, September 17, 2009

Superhero or boy wearing dish towel and underwear on his head?

Carter has quite an imagination. He loves watching cartoons and playing with traditional toys but he can also take just about any household item and turn it into something to play with. A couple of weeks ago, it was the belt to one of my robes and he literally spent hours playing "seat belt" game on the couch which involved us both sitting on the couch, wrapping the belt around us and pretending we were going somewhere. Tuesday, however, he was a Wonder Pet (his favorite pre-bedtime show). For those of you who don't have small kids at home, the Wonder Pets are a duck, guinea pig, and turtle who rescuse animals. They all wear caps and hats. So Omaw helped him make a cape out of a dish towel. When I told him to go upstairs and get a hat out of his underwear drawer, he came down looking like this instead:

Enough said! I love that boy and his wild imagination!


Laney said...

What a character!

carol said...

Your daddy says "This is one they'll need for the powerpoint at his wedding." He is so fun and adorable!

Georgette said...

Well he does have on wonderpet underwear!