Wednesday, September 23, 2009

First Bath

Olivia had her first at home bath a few nights ago. Not sure how much she liked it. I think if I had fed her first, there might not have been quite so much screaming.

I am also including pics of Carter's first bath since I wasn't blogging then.

I don't remember him hating it so much. Now, I have to almost drag him out of the tub. I wonder if Olivia will end up loving bathtime as much as Carter.

Post bathtime, she is much happier!

They look so much alike in the two pictures of them wrapped in towels.

And look at those curls!!!


carol said...

I love those curls. I keep thinking how she looks like your Gma. She would love her curls! I wish she could see her...maybe there is a window in heaven.

Georgette said...

One bath down a million more to go! It is so much more fun when they can sit up and play. I always feel so awkward bathing Kara. She is starting to enjoy, especially since we are just in the tub on a towel.
Olivia does look like Carter, just chunkier, I mean that in a good way.

The Shoemakers said...

OMG how cute! I love the hair. Mine were pretty much bald till they were almost 2! lol