Sunday, September 27, 2009

Some Assembly Required

Grandpa sent Carter money for his birthday. After going to Dick's sporting good store a couple of weeks ago and Carter falling in love with bicycles, Theo and I decided we would get him one from Grandpa. Target actually had the bike for $30 cheaper so we got it Saturday and Theo spent Sunday afternoon putting it together. It's a little big for Carter but we know he'll grow into it.

Carter already had his first evidenced by the bandaids on both knees and one elbow.

But ironically, he didn't fall off his bike...he fell while doing this

It was a good thing he had his helmet on because he was running down the sloped driveway, tripped and fell, and rolled about twice. Too bad he didn't have on his knee pads and elbow pads. :)

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carol said...

He was "flying" down the sidewalk!!! Sorry for the owies! Are you sure the helment is big enough? LOL Love that boy!!!!