Saturday, October 24, 2009

My mom made this outfit for Olivia. She added matching fabric on the trim of the shirt, made the diaper cover, and the leggins! Aren't they cute?? This outfit she wore today while we were out. The outfit below, she wore this past week while we went to the park. Mom even made Livie's little shoes. One day, maybe I can sew like that! Perhaps, when I have a little more free the year 2030!

See, Olivia thinks her outfits are great too!


Laney said...

She is so cute. I love that last picture!

carol said...

Those eyes sure are looking blue!

The Shoemakers said...

She looks so much like your grandmaw! SO CUTE!! And Leslie said she wants to come stay the night with Carter this weekend! I was like girl they live by Santa Clause! We will have to plan to come up and visit after the first of the year..Love yall