Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Olivia's room

So I spent the better part of this past weekend hanging up pictures, putting some touches on the rooms, and making our house more like a home. I figure we've been here for over two months, so it's time to break out the hammer and nails (much to Theo's dismay at my doing this) and transform our house.

Olivia's room is not quite finished yet but since only mom has actually been here, I thought I would share some pictures of her room in progress. I still need to decide on what to do for curtains and what to put on her bare wall (the wall with the window). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

View from the door:


Up close of the bedding:


Rocking chair and changing table:

Up close of changing table and matching baskets!!:

My friend Margo sent this for Olivia and I just love it!:


ruslinga said...

What a cute room! I love all of the pink!

Christine said...

Absolutely adorable! I love it!