Monday, October 26, 2009

Subliminal messages

Carter spends more time than we would like watching television. I will be the first to admit I am not always consistent when it comes to limiting his tv time.....especially now that Olivia is here. It is so easy to give into him when he asks to watch a show. I realize I have boundary issues when it comes to my son but that is a whole different post!! :)

We usually watch Noggin (which is now Nick Jr) because that channel has most of his favorite shows and I like that it doesn't have commercials. But lately, he has been watching more Disney because of Little Einsteins. Unfortunately, Disney does have commercials. And so does FOX which is heard playing in our house on Sunday afternoons while Theo (and I) watch pro football.

Carter apparently is absorbing more messages from the commericials than I first realized because now he is often heard saying the following things:

For lunch, we'll discuss what he wants to eat, he'll say "I want Egglands the better egg for lunch!"

When I tell him we are going shopping, he says "Let's go to live better, save money, walmart."

When I tell him I need to clean the bathroom, he says "Use Lysol-disinfect to protect".

I kid you not, this boy doesn't miss a thing and has the most incredible memory. Now, we just need him to memorize his lowercase letters instead of advertising slogans!

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Georgette said...

That is pretty funny. Aidan just asks for every toy he sees on tv.