Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Could it be?

I seriously think my daughter is going to have blue eyes!!

This would make me so happy! I think she will have dark curly hair and dark blue eyes. But either way, even if she doesn't have those things, she is still the most beautiful baby girl I have ever laid my eyes on (sorry, but I'm biased!)

Yesterday was a good day. Olivia actually let me put her down without crying, took a nap in the swing which is now my new favorite thing in the whole world, and even let me get in an hour long nap while she and big brother slept quietly! We didn't leave the house and stayed in our pajamas most of the day.

This morning, we were off to a good, yet whiny start, and headed to the library. I was able to peruse through a scrapbook magazine while Carter played on the computer and Olivia slept in her sling. We came home, headed to the park for almost an hour and then Carter had "school". He is going to be in for a rude awakening when he officially starts going to school and realizes it's not only 15 minutes a day. Now, Olivia is sleeping, Carter is outside again playing on his swingset and I'm blogging while eating a weight watchers' pizza for lunch. Ahhhh, the good life. What did you do today?

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