Thursday, October 29, 2009

Playin in the snow: Southern boy style

The snow is really coming down today. I have been wanting to take Carter outside to play in it but honestly, I was dreading it. But I got over my own desire to stay warm and cozy, donned our snowsuits (well, Carter's snow suit, my multiple layers of mismatched clothes and a coat) and braved the cold so Carter could play. Well, it took more time to get dressed than the time we were actually outside but that is neither here nor there.

Carter doesn't have any mittens though and after many failed attempts to put socks on his hands, tuck his hands inside his coat, etc, etc, we finally decided to come inside. But Carter still really wanted to play with snow. So this is what I came up with:

When Theo called, and I told him what I had done, he sounded a little horrified that I would actually do that. But oh well, what can I say? The boy wanted to play with snow! :) It has been entertaining him for a while and I imagine it will until the snow melts. Then we're going to make hot chocolate and take a hot bubble bath. Olivia is still sleeping fortunately because I am NOT ready to drag her out in this for sure.

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carol said...

Snow in a bowl is a great science lesson!