Wednesday, November 25, 2009

"Don't look at me"

Note to self: Don't leave a toddler unsupervised in the kitchen with a jar of Nutella.

I was in the office just minding my own business when I heard Carter repeatedly say "Momma, don't look at me!" Well, this is a phrase he has been saying when he is doing something he knows we would not approve of. It wasn't until he said "Momma, don't look at me in the chocolate" that I jumped out of my chair and saw this:

No, I never leave my children unattended. Ahem. Then I figured the damage was already done...might as well take pictures of him, right?

The almost full jar now looks like this:

I had been baking in order to get ahead for tomorrow. So perhaps, in the midst of my baking, Carter thought the pumpkin pie called for a tablespoon fistful of Nutella :) Happy early Thanksgiving everyone!

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