Thursday, November 12, 2009

Two Months Old

I can NOT believe my baby girl is two months old. Every month, I will probably start off every post that way. Time is flying by.

At two months old, Olivia is:

(updated) - ten pounds even and is 23 inches long. She's in the 25 percentile for weight and the 75 percentile for length! Maybe she'll be tall too like daddy and Carter.

-smiling and cooing all the time. As I posted about before, she loves being called "beautiful" and will smile almost every time.

-nursing about every three hours during the day (sometimes more frequently, sometimes less depending on her mood) and is still waking up at 2 a.m. for feeds and 5:30 or 6:00 a.m. for feeds! Hopefully by the time I post her three month update, that will be a thing of the past......wishful thinking most likely! :)

-likes to play on the floor and Carter holds up toys for her to look at

-takes a morning nap, a long after lunch nap (for 2-3 hours most days) and catnaps around dinner time. She is sleeping in her bed almost all the time now, for naps and at night! Yea!

-her cranky time is still from about 5:00-7:00 in the evenings. Usually, if I hold her, she is fine until feeding time but some nights no matter what we do, she's cranky!

-is starting to enjoy bathtime more. I sing to her while I bathe her and she smiles a lot to that

-is still wearing cloth diapers 90% of the time

-is in 0-3 months clothes, has outgrown her newborn pajamas but can still wear the pants and some shirts.

-still LOVES being carried around in the sling and I will be so sad the day she is too big to be carried in it :(

-had her first "caffeine" a few nights back when I was craving a real coke and I kid you not, was up every hour that night......won't make that mistake again!

-still has blue eyes and her hair is getting longer by the day it seems

-seems to enjoy baby einstein DVDs although she has only seen it once

-is still the most beautiful and precious baby girl I have ever laid eyes on (I will probably write that same thing every month too!)

Photo comparison:


williams said...

Absolutely adorable!!!! I can't believe it has been 2 months since I held her!!!! That is too long.

Laney said...

Oh, she is so beautiful.

Margo said...

I just love that first picture - she is truly a gem, a precious jewel in God's crown! Beautiful and lovely in His site (as well as her mommy's) Love you guys!