Friday, November 13, 2009

The Old West

Wednesday while we were enjoying daddy's time off from work, we decided to head south and check out a new town. When I checked the GPS, we saw there was a children's museum there so we decided to see what it was like. It was a pretty cool place with a western theme. They had a ton of arts and crafts for kids to do but Carter isn't quite old enough to appreciate those just yet. So I ended up making him some crafts but honestly, I think they would have turned out better if he had made them and I'm a pretty crafty person!

The cutest lil' cowboy I ever did see

After the kids museum, we headed to the adjacent building which was an art museum. I didn't take any pictures there and we didn't stay too long because Olivia was getting a tad cranky.

But it was a nice museum and some of the little paintings were going for $5000! I couldn't belive it!

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williams said...

Leslie loved the picture of Carter on the "pony" because she said she rode a pony too. Their phone conversation was just too cute.