Sunday, November 15, 2009

Thinking outside the box boppy

When I saw Olivia asleep on the couch a couple of days ago with her little tiny finger on her chin, I thought she looked like she was in deep contemplation....probably thinking about milk. That is her number one priority right now! She looked like a little angel.

As for our weekend, I'm not sure if real weekends exist anymore with Theo's new and crazy schedule. He did just have five days off but was back to work Friday, worked yesterday, works tonight and tomorrow night. So we just hung out around the house since we had been busy bees during his time off. Right now, it's Sunday morning, my two boys are outside playing in shoveling the snow off the driveway so Theo can get to work.

I'm inside blogging while Olivia is upstairs taking a nap. It's actually quiet in the house! That is a rarity these days. Ok, well as I was typing this, I saw our neighbor's wife outside shoveling snow so I felt a little pang of guilt about being all warm and cozy inside. Then Carter came in and asked if I could come out and play with him in the snow. That did me in. I put on the appropriate clothing, nonwaterproof boots, and with baby monitor in tow, I ventured outside. I felt bad for Theo doing all that work so after volunteering twice to help him, he finally handed over the shovel. I will admit, my motives were a little selfish...I figure I could get a heck of an arm workout by helping so I did. But then I got cold and tired and retreated back indoors where I am finishing up this post!

I spent the majority of the Saturday getting a heads up on Carter's school stuff. Since he's not in preschool this year, I am doing school with him at home. When I'm organized and prepared, I really enjoy doing it. So I'm trying to get everything ready in advance so our time goes more smoothly. This morning, I got in a quick yoga workout without Carter crawling all over me! Theo's parents are coming Thursday and will be here for three weeks so I will spend the rest of the week preparing for that!

Carter had a good week. I am trying so hard to set firm boundaries and follow through with what I say. One night this week, he refused to pick up toys and his punishment was no cartoons until he picked up his toys. Well, it was 24 hours without television before he finally realized that he should just pick him up or it might be a week before he gets to watch Little Einsteins again. So he picked up his toys with a little motherly direction. I endured several temper tantrums, whiny fits, and lots of begging and pleading and downright defiance. But I was proud of myself, I stuck to my guns and eventually he did what I asked him to do. Man, was I like this as a three year old? I can see my mom shaking her head YES! The rest of the time, he was sweet and asked repeatedly to if he could hold his baby! He loves Olivia and I love to see them together. He has done so remarkably well with her....way better than I had expected when I was still pregnant. I wonder what he'll be like with baby #3 (when baby #3 is conceived......which hopefully won't be for at least 9 more months!)

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williams said...

Those are some precious pictures of two very precious kiddos!