Sunday, November 22, 2009

M&M (&M)

It has been a rough week in the P household. After Olivia got her two month shots, she started waking up every 2-2.5 hours at night to eat when she had previously been going at least a 6 hour stretch at night. I have been so exhausted but yet unable to nap. Yesterday morning, I was so tired I just cried. My poor husband is trying so hard to be supportive but there isn't a whole lot he can do with a breastfed baby. He did entertain the kids while I did manage to finally fall asleep for an hour yesterday before lunch. It's been more stressful too because his parents are in town for three weeks. Livie's room is right across from the guestroom so the first couple of nights, I kept her in our bed so she wouldn't wake them up. None of the three of us got any good sleep. So I called my mom, asked for advice, talked to a friend for more advice and finally decided to get some Mother's Milk Tea. I had decided to thaw out some breastmilk and was going to give it to her last night but we went out to dinner, didn't get home until late, and then I forgot to thaw it out.

Well praise the Lord, I didn't need to. She finally had a six hour stretch of sleep last night. I went in her room around 2 just to check on her because I hadn't heard any peep out of her for several hours. I also have to thank mylicon and miracle blanket, and mother's milk tea for their help too. It was the best night of sleep she and I had in weeks!I feel like a new person. I am hoping she was just going through a growth spurt. I bought a digital scale yesterday (an adult one) but it won't pick up her weight. So I weighed her while holding her and so did Theo and we got way different readings both times. Oh well, that option didn't work out as planned. She doesn't go back to the doctor until the middle of January but I will most likely call them in a few days and see if I can just check her weight just in case. I'm all paranoid after Carter falling off the growth curve at four months. But looking at my little chunky baby, it's hard to imagine she's not getting enough!

Ok, gotta run....Olivia is up from her nap and I'm enjoying having the house to myself for a couple of hours while Theo is at work and his parents are at church. I love my quiet time!

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