Thursday, August 12, 2010

11 months old!

My baby girl is almost a year old! Every time I think about it, I tear up. But then I have to remind myself I have another baby on the way so I'll get to experience all of this again really soon! :) I truly can not believe Olivia's first year of life is almost behind her. How much she has changed during that time is so incredible. We love her more now than the day she was born. And Theo is so in love with her. I think there is just something about daddy's and their daughters. I know he loved Carter this much at this same age but it seems like Olivia has Theo wrapped around all of her fingers. I love watching the two of them together. If he is home and I need to run errands, he almost always asks if I'll leave Olivia with him. I always do. Funny, he never asks me to leave Carter! Ha! :) I know he loves Carter too but Lord knows that boy is a handful!

At eleven months, Olivia is:

-still not crawling forward but can crawl backwards, spin around in circles, and occassionally scoots herself forward like an inchworm.

-sleeping through the night about 12 hours

-usually takes two naps during the day and sleeps for quite a while

-takes 4-5 bottles a day but is still not getting quite as much formula as I'd like her to have

-eats any tablefood. Her favorites are meat, bananas, bread, plums, puffs, pasta. Recently she's also had shrimp, okra, squash casserole. Who would have thought?

-has hair that is still growing

-loves the water and even enjoyed the freezing cold adult pool at the Y last week

-is afraid of Roxy (our rabbit) and screams everytime she sees her

-shrieks when the kitchen timer goes off or when the doorbell rings

-enjoys being outside but doesn't like having dirt on her at all

-can sit for several hours in the stroller and be happy (which was NOT the case with Carter at this age)

-loves shopping with her momma

-has three teeth but one of her top front teeth is poking through finally

-still doesn't weigh very much but that is not from her lack of eating

-can stand up if she holds onto our fingers

-screams everytime I take a bath if she's in there with me. Not sure what that's about. Maybe I'm a little scary to look at! Ha!

-can clap, wave and say "bye bye" and tries to sign "more" which is usually just her clapping

-still adores her brother but now gets very annoyed when he steals her toys

We are so blessed to have this precious girl. Our lives are so much better with her a part of them. God is a great God!


Carol said...

She is so cute and getting big. That happens so quickly doesn't it?

Brandi and Adam Hart said...

11 months went by so fast! You do have quite a beautiful and personable little girl on your hands.

The Shoemakers said...

She is growin like a weed! My two were very different babies too! Bradley is very easy and gentle and Leslie..well...she's a little moma and was very clingy as a baby and has a quick temper...don't know where she got that.. She has a new found Love for her daddy too! There is something about a father daughter relationship!