Monday, August 9, 2010

Sky Sox

Saturday night we ventured out and took the kids to their first ever baseball game. It was a momentous night for daddy, who is a HUGE baseball fan! We were a little worried at first thinking it was going to storm. But the weather held off and we were able to enjoy almost the whole game. The kids pooped out around 10:00. That is the latest we have had them both out ever I think!

Olivia was really a perfect angel! She laughed and clapped when the fans did.

It was so cute. She would dance when music came on. We couldn't have asked for a better baby. Carter did quite well too considering he didn't get a nap like his little sister. He whined for a few minutes and then got his second win and was the life of the crowd. Two older ladies sat behind us and they really helped entertain Carter. One even bought him a Sox the Fox thing to wear on his hand. This made his night! They even offered to buy Theo a beer on account of it being his birthday but Theo politely declined. I'm glad we were able to sit by such awesome ladies!

After the game, which the Sox ended up losing to New Orleans, we went to Dairy Queen and had blizzards. Carter wasn't in bed until almost 11:00 and is still fast asleep. Olivia is now crying a little on the baby monitor so I guess I should go get her!

We ended up having a great day celebrating Theo's birthday. It was perfect. Tonight we have a babysitter (can you believe it, two weekends in a row!!!) and we are probably going to see a movie and just hang out. I'll make the gumbo tonight instead. The restaurants Theo wanted to try and not open on Sunday so we'll probably just eat at home. The birthday celebrations continue.....

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