Sunday, August 29, 2010

Our weekend

We took the kids swimming Friday morning and they had a blast! Both of them just love the water. I forgot to bring my camera though :( Theo had to work late every night this week and Friday was no exception. So Friday afternoon, I took the kids to Castlerock. I had a 25% off coupon for Carter's so I went and racked up on Olivia some cold weather clothes. I'm not finding a whole lot of sweaters out yet so I guess I will have to wait on those. I did however get her Halloween costume. She's going to be a ladybug! I got the costume for $15! Can't beat that. The traffic on the way home was awful and it took an hour and a half to get home when it's usually a 45 minute drive. But the kids did really well which made it better.

Friday night Theo found out he unexpectedly had to work Saturday and Sunday night. Ugh! We had plans to go to a party at some friend's house. Unfortunately, Theo didn't get to go but I decided to take the kids anyway. This was our first time at their house. They have an almost 6 year old and so baby stuff was hard to come by! I will admit it was a lot of work for me to have both kids there by myself. Carter was good but wanted to stay inside and play. That was fine but now that Olivia is mobile, she was into EVERYthing! We sat on the floor to eat and I was trying to feed all 3 of us at the same time. The food was excellent though! By 8:00, I was exhausted so we headed home.

This morning, I got up, got the kids ready and we went to church. Olivia was pretty fussy this morning so I was not surprised at all when I had to go pick her up from the nursery. The poor ladies tried but Olivia was not having it. We hung out for a little while. Our church is so huge that they have couches, leather chairs, big flat screen tvs all over the place so we parked it in a chair and I watched most of the sermon from outside the sanctuary. But then she got too fidgety so we left. She fell asleep in the car, surprise! I may have to start going to the second service so I can put her down for a nap before church. She has been so tired in the mornings that she almost always needs a nap by 10:00.

Hopefully tomorrow Theo will be off since he's worked the past 7 days. Carter will go back to school and I'm going to try and finish up everything for their party this weekend. Grandpa's birthday is this week too! Carter keeps asking if he's having a party :) Omaw is coming on Friday! We can't wait!!! I can't believe we are celebrating Carter's 4th and Olivia's 1st birthday in a few short days! I'm probably going to cry like a baby :)

Looks like September is going to be every bit as busy as July and August were. I enjoy being busy though for the most part but need some down time every now and then. Theo is taking Olivia to New York soon...for 8 WHOLE DAYS!!! I can't think about it without crying. I haven't been away from either on my kids for that long ever and I am NOT going to like it at all. But I will have Carter to keep me company.

And because I didn't take any pictures of our weekend, you'll have to settle for some from during the week! :)

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Carol said...

I'm counting the days til the party!!!!