Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Take me out to the ball game

Saturday morning, Meredith called and asked if Theo and I had any plans for that evening. We didn't have anything that couldn't wait. So she asked if we wanted to join her and John at a Colorado Rockies baseball game! We were so excited. I was anxious about leaving both kids, mostly Olivia, with one of Meredith's sitters whom I had never met. Our whole way up to Denver, I kept saying that we would just take Olivia with us. But the thought of having grown-up time with another adult couple and without kids was something I just didn't really want to pass up.

We got to Denver late because of terrible traffic. So I literally threw Olivia into Carly's arms and said if she screams, I'll take her with us. But Olivia was so hapy! She just laid her head on Carly's shoulder. And so I told myself all would be well. And surprise, surprise, it was! We brought the pack-and-play and Olivia went to sleep in it until we got back to John and Meredith's house. Carter also did really well and was happy playing with the boys. What an amazing babysitter Carly is! 4 kids for several hours! I am so grateful to have had this opporunity.

Meanwhile, back at Coors Field.......we all enjoyed a professional baseball game!

This was the first one Theo and I had been too since I was pregnant with Carter and we vacationed in Tampa and saw the Rays play Toronto. The weather was gorgeous! The Rockies won, the crowd was so excited. Theo and John watched the game while Meredith and I mostly chatted and laughed! Thank you guys for such an awesome night!

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Carol said...

How fun!!!! I'm glad you got to do that!