Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Carter and Olivia

These are more park pictures I took last week. Olivia wasn't too fond of the grass so I assume that is why she wouldn't smile for me! But Carter was quite the little ham. Sunday, after church, I took them out in the backyard for a little impromptu photo shoot that lasted about 2 minutes because of the rain. I'll share those later because Olivia was all smiles in those!

Serious model faces in this one:

Today, Theo starts his vacation! This morning, we all went to the Y. I've decided swimming is my new thing. I find it so relaxing but a workout all at the same time. I feel like I can clear my mind as soon as I hit the water. I'm sure the baby likes it too. The only problem is that with all of the swim lessons and the water classes, it's hard to get a lane. So I have been sharing one with someone else. Oh well. Maybe it won't be so crazy once school starts back.

Everything was all good at the Y until......Theo took Carter in the big boys locker room to get him dressed. I was getting a cup of coffee while holding Olivia on the counter. No sooner than I had said out loud "I can't fix coffee without making a mess" than I dumped my hot cup of coffee all over the counter, and you guessed it, Olivia! She screamed for about 5 seconds and then was fine. But I was horrified. One of the lady's came over and was very sweet. But we had to fill out an injury report. I just started crying. I felt AWFUL! Luckily, all the ladies at the Y were super sweet and sympathetic and not making me feel like a gosh-awful mother! Olivia is now fine by the way and her legs are fine thankfully.

Tomorrow I have an OB appointment and then no plans. Friday morning we are going to try and hike Garden of the gods again. We also have busy plans for the weekend. It's Theo's 35th birthday (and my brother's 29th birthday too!) I'll blog about those later! Hope you are having a good week.

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Carol said...

The black and white one really shows how different their haircolors are! I can hardly wait to see them in person!