Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mommy's little helper

I should preface this with the reason Carter is helping me mop the kitchen floor is because he dumped an entire glass of orange juice on it. I was trying to swat a fly and he thought by dumping juice on the floor, it would help kill the fly! That boy!

He is Mr. Independent these days.....wants to help with everything, including hanging curtain rods. Sorry, you're not quite tall enough yet buddy! He loves helping me cook but is mostly limited to helping me mix things in bowls since he obviously can't get near the stove.

We went to meet his pre-school teacher today!

I was so nervous although I couldn't quite articulate why. I am super excited because Carter's little friend Caden is going to be in the same class. I think that will really help him adjust. The teacher seems nice. The classroom is HUGE and filled with all kinds of things Carter likes. His official first day is Monday! I almost cried today thinking about how big he's getting. Where has the time gone?

In unrelated news, I wanted to show you what a steal of a deal on clothes I got from Gymboree. I spent $100 and got 11 things!

I had a 20% off coupon which helped. I also now have $50 in gymbucks to use next month! You know I love a deal. All of the clothes except one shirt are all for next summer. It's so much better to buy off season. That is definitely where the deals are. Okay, good night!

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Carol said...

You, Carter, and the clothes are cute stuff.
I got the pictures in the mail...I love them!