Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I had my echocardiogram yesterday. The tech said I have a normal aortic valve (which is what the heart surgeon was looking at) and that from what he could tell, everything looked fine. I didn't hear from the surgeon's office today so I will assume no news is good news! I truly wasn't worried about this test. I feel such a peace about my own health and know God is on the throne and always in complete control. Now if I could only remember that when I worry about the baby!

Not much new to report. Theo goes back to work tomorrow (boohoo!)It's been so nice having him home for a week. He is so busy with trying to finish up his master's degree that we didn't have as much "free" time as we both would have liked, but that's life! Always something going on :) Theo was busy studying today so we didn't make it to the Royal Gorge but he promised me we could go this weekend.

Also, our landlord is in town so needless to say, I've been cleaning like crazy! Our house is generally pretty clean. And except for toys strewn all over the place, I (we) stay on top of it. But today, I really cleaned the stove top, swept and mopped, wiped food stains and fingerprints off walls and doorframes, that kind of stuff. Then I took a nap. I have been really tired this week. Oh, and I pulled weeds for an hour in the front yard because we repeatedly get nasty-grams from the Homeowner's Association. Punks! Now I'm sunburned. Yuck. Anyway, I guess I better put these kiddos to bed so I can crash on the couch!

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