Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bubble Boy

What can I say? Carter LOVES bubbles. I love bubbles too except the sticky mess that is often left behind. But that doesn't stop us from bringing out the bubbly at least a couple of times a week. Yesterday was a beautiful day so we went outside after naptime, blew bubbles and then went for a walk. I, of course, had my camera in tow and snapped these pictures. Also, this afternoon, I discovered Picassa, a free online photo editing program. Wow, this stuff is cool. Anyway, so I decided to repost the same pictures.....before and after, so you can see the difference a little touching up can make!

Today, it's storming outside so we are already suffering from cabin fever and it's not even lunch. I may venture out into the storm and take him to Sci Port but that would mean I have to get clothes/make-up on and actually go out in the rain. So we'll see. Hopefully tomorrow will be prettier.

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