Saturday, May 16, 2009

Splish Splash

I will confess, I woke up in a less than fantastic mood this morning. Carter has been taking forever to fall asleep at night. I think this is largely in part to his two to three hour naps late in the day. He didn't finally fall asleep until 10:00 last night. He didn't cry very much but he would not go to sleep. Then at 12:30, he woke up crying so I finally gave in and brought him to bed with me. Then at 6:00 a.m., he fell out of our bed. He went back to sleep without any problem but I couldn't fall back asleep. I am tired.

We did Souper Saturday this morning. Carter was very well behaved. We had a good time visiting our old friends. I will miss them dearly once we move. After Carter's early and short nap today, I set up his frog little swimming pool outside and he spent almost an hour splashing around. I think he's preparing himself for the beach. I think he enjoyed spraying the water hose more than anything though! Watching him play definitely helped me snap out of my funky mood. :)

I also ordered his bedding today. Finally, literally after months of searching for airplane bedding but not wanting to pay the pottery barn price, this is what I ended up with. You can check it out here.
Unfortunately, the quilt hanging on the wall is what I really wanted. The website had it on there Thursday but today, they sold out of it. Bummer! Oh well, I'll keep checking with them and who knows, maybe someone will return the quilt and I can snag it. Wishful thinking probably but a girl has gotta try!

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