Friday, May 15, 2009

Jumpin Jupiter: Take 2

It's Friday. This is the day I usually try and do something really fun with Carter. Although we get out of the house most days, Fridays are reserved for some good quality time together. Last Friday's quality time consisted of us bonding over shopping at Target, Kohls, and Penneys. What can I say, the boy loves to shop!Today we went to Jumpin Jupiter. I don't think we had been there since I wrote this post. Of course, there was a field trip there (why does that seem to happen to me wherever we go?) but it made it more fun. I think we would have otherwise been the only people there. I'm expecting Carter to take a good nap today after playing/bouncing/climbing/sliding/falling hard for two hours today.

Kris Kross will make ya JUMP! JUMP! (Anyone besides me remember that song?)

Evolution of the slide:

On the agenda for the weekend....Souper Saturday with church tomorrow morning and then no big plans for the rest of the weekend. I suppose I should get ready for our trip but I'll more than likely wait to the last minute to start packing. Maybe Theo is starting to rub off on me :)

Carter has been doing the funniest and cutest thing this week. He pulls his sock off and says "This little piggy went to gwoswee (grocery) store. This little piggy went recycling. This little piggy went shopping. This little piggy went home!" It is absolutely hysterical to watch him. I'm telling you, this kid doesn't miss a beat!

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Templin Family said...

I used to LOVE that song.... Carter looks like he had a fantastic time!!!