Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ahoy mateys!

Yesterday, Carter said no less than 30 times, "Mom, take a picture of me doing this (running, jumping, crawling, you name it!)

See Carter jump:

See Carter climb:

See Carter look at pictures:

See Carter read:

Tomorrow is the big day! New house here we come!!!!

And in the spirit of Thanksgiving, a Thanksgiving Carterism: We've been really talking about what we are thankful for. Every day, usually more than once, we go around and talk about what we are grateful for. Ya know, the usual stuff...family, friends, a nice warm house to live in, the new baby, etc etc. Well, at first Carter was telling us that he was grateful for those same things. But then all of a sudden, he switched it up on us. So now it's "I'm thankful for Roxy....and Roxy's tail!" Well, as long as he's thankful for something I suppose!

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