Friday, November 12, 2010

Stuck in a rut chair

The other day, Olivia was crawling through the kitchen. She crawled right past the sweet potato fry (seen on the left) and was headed for a vanilla wafer (seen under her high chair). Well, she got stuck. But she was using her arms to pull herself and along behind her came the chair. It was hysterical! Again, I wish I could put video on here because this picture just doesn't do it justice!

I haven't taken hardly any pictures this week. We are in full-blown house-hunting mode. Truthfully it's pretty stressful and I honestly wish we weren't having to do it right now. I'm ready for it to all be over with. I've been consumed with it and feel like it's taken over my life! I guess because we only have such a short window to do it that I feel like I have to devote all of my waking hours (and apparently half of my sleeping hours) to taking care of this.

Tonight, though, Theo and I are going out on a date! This may sound lame, but I think we're just going to go to the mall. I can't remember what it's like for the two of us to shop without the kids. We'll probably go to the bookstore too and have some coffee and maybe see a movie if there is anything worth seeing. I don't even have anything in particular to shop for...I just want to walk around, hold hands with Theo, and look through stores without hearing any whining or crying! Plus, it's supposed to be in the teens tonight so we want to stay somewhere where it's warm!

Tomorrow, I don't think we have any major plans. Theo has a paper due Sunday so I'm sure he'll be busy with that. I'm going to try and do something fun with the kids because my attention has been focused elsewhere the past couple of weeks.

Sunday is my day to volunteer! I'm looking forward to it. I absolutely LOVE my church! That is one good thing about us staying here. I'm glad I don't have to leave New Life!

Hope you all have a good weekend.

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Carol said...

It is amazing the trouble a girl will go through for a "circle cookie"