Thursday, November 4, 2010

Olivia and her first love

Well, besides her daddy....Curious George (hand-me-down from Carter) is the one thing she can't live without these days. She will NOT go to sleep without him. I've tried to substitute other animals but she tries to throw them out of her crib. Thank the LORD Omaw sent us a spare George because I left hers at MOPS today. Oh, nightime would be a disaster tonight without it!

On a different note, I'm so thrilled because I got to see/hear Stasi Eldredge speak at church today. She and her husband, John, are Christian authors and live here in the Springs. I read her book Captivating a few years ago but started reading it again today. I LOVE it. I think every woman should read this. How differently we would live if we truly believe we are who God says we are!

Have a great rest of the week!

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The Shoemakers said...

She is so Adorable!! I wanna kiss her all over!!