Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Planning ahead

Carter has already decided on his next year's Halloween costume....underwater scuba Diego!

What can I say? He is his mother's child...always planning ahead!

We have water back in the house now. The plumber finally came at 3:00 yesterday and said he thinks the seal on the master bath faucet is broken and the water was going back down around the pipe causing the leaking. I never noticed any water leaking. And as much water was on the carpet, I don't know how I would have been able to fill up the bathtub. But oh well...he's the expert I suppose. I just feel awful for the owners. Lord knows they don't need all this to deal with! I talked to Jeri last night and she said they were going to pull up the carpet and replace it with flooring anyway. Carpet in a bathroom is a terrible idea!!!

I did get an e-mail from my sweet husband today. It has made my morning. He had gotten an e-mail about a service request on our LA house. I didn't mention the ordeal we were having here. I don't want to stress him out and plus, 1) there is nothing he can do about it right now and b) I think it's taken care of! He'll hear about it soon enough when he gets back tomorrow. I'm trying to learn to be a big girl and just handle things myself. My tendency is to run to him (or mom!) with every little problem hoping he can solve it. But I'm a 30 year old pretty educated woman. Surely I can handle this! I think Theo will be proud of me :)

Theo has Thursday and Friday off and I'm so excited! We have a date night planned for Friday night. It's only been since August since we had some time to ourselves. Long overdue I'd say. Also on the agenda for this long weekend is to do some serious house hunting. We'd ideally like to make an offer on a house by the end of the month, close by the end of the year and be settled in late December/early January. The sooner before baby comes, the better as far as I'm concerned. I won't have mom here to help me unpack this time :( Theo's parents are planning on coming for the baby's birth so whatever I don't get done before then, I'll have them help me with! It's funny because when we moved up here and I was 34 weeks pregnant with Olivia, I swore I would never move and be big pregnant again! God has a sense of humor doesn't he? Ha!

Please keep us in your prayers that God would give us wisdom and guidance to make the right decision about buying a house. Theo and I are both a little nervous, especially since we already own one house and as of now, don't have anyone to rent it come December 1st! We are most likely going to hire a property manager this go round and hopefully they can help us find someone to rent the house.

We are heavily relying on God and trusting him to help us through these stressful times. All of this was taking it's toll on my relationship with Theo. But I'm learning to fall in line and submit to what he wants (of course I am offering strongly my opinions!) and since then, we have not had any disagreements about the house thing. God's way of marriage truly is the best way. And yes, I've often wondered if submitting to my husband would cause me to be a voiceless doormat. And yes, I am very opinionated about certain things. But there is a reason God instructs wives to be submitted to their husbands....because in the long run, at least for us, it works out the best and we get along much better because of it.

Man, I sure took a turn with this post! But blogging and getting all of my feelings out is quite cathartic for me. The kid's pictures are for you :). All of my rambling is for me! Have a good week. We're off to hit the gym this morning and then the library.

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