Monday, November 29, 2010

First {Real} Snow

Last night, the snow finally came. Up until this point, we've only had a dusting of snow. The meterologists are all amazed that it's almost December and this is the first "real" snow we've had here! They say it's not for lack of cold temperatures, but because, as one weatherman said, "It's so dang dry here!" I second that!

When I opened the blinds this morning, Carter was so excited! He really loves snow and asks almost everyday when is it going to snow again. So I promised him that after I picked him up from school, he could go outside and play in it. I had planned on bringing Livie outside too but then I realized I had already packed her snowsuit and it's at the new house. Maybe next time. We have six more months of snow to look forward to.

My big snow angel:

Carter really wanted me to take his picture while throwing snow up in the air:

I don't think he was expecting it to come back down and hit him in the face!

Notice in the background....the stop sign and street signs were blown over. That's how hard the wind was blowing this morning. Olivia, in her momma's fashion, was most certainly NOT diggin it. She thought it was fine at first....until it really picked up and snot was blowing all over her face. I couldn't get her in the car fast enough! Poor baby. She likes to be warm and cozy. We'll save all of this outdoorsyness for summertime :)

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