Tuesday, November 9, 2010

First snow

Finally, it's snowing here. I can't believe it was November before seeing the first flurries. Carter was excited and then had a meltdown when I told him we were not going out in the dark to play in it. I'm praying some will be left by the time he's done at school or I'm going to have one ticked off little boy.

I'm also hoping the weather won't delay Theo's coming home tomorrow. Lord knows I need my husband home this week.

Sadly, (ok, not really) but my favorite house we've been looking at is no longer on the market. Bummer! I guess it's okay because it was probably a little more than what Theo wanted to pay. Now I can at least stop dreaming about it at night and hopefully get some sleep! Just means we better move on a different one and FAST!

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ruslinga said...

I'm so sorry about your rough week and that you have to move. I hope things are better before the holidays!