Friday, November 19, 2010

Nose Dive

Yesterday, we had MOPS. So I put Olivia in the umbrella stroller, only halfway strapped in. She has George in her hands. We're rolling along and then she drops George. Well, I run over him accidentally as she bends down to get him and she falls out of the stroller face first onto the concrete! I was horrified!

She cried for a few minutes, was fine by the time we got inside, but then started screaming when I went to drop her off. Needless to say, I just kept her with me during MOPS.

Oh, this was all after I came down stairs to a floor full of water....AGAIN! I don't know what is going on with our house here. The plumber came back that afternoon but didn't have any answers for us. Thursday was an AWFUL day for us.

Good news is, we found a house. We are moving closer to where Theo works and where we do our grocery shopping if you catch my drift. It's a brand new house. Theo went and saw it and I'm going today. It's a 4BR, 2.5 bath, a separate formal living and dining room, two built in desks, hardwoord floors, stainless steel appliances, and utilities are included! Can't beat that.

We take possession of the house next Wednesday, have someone coming Monday to give us a moving estimate, and hope to be mostly all moved in by December 1st! No, I'm not smoking crack but it must seem that way with how fast we're having to do things. I'm excited though. I never felt a peace about any of the houses we were considering buying so this a great option for us at this point. If we end up staying here longer, we may consider buying a house at that point. But there are too many uncertainties right now!

On another positive note, Olivia made her debut in her Thanksgiving dress Tuesday night when we went to McDonalds with some friends for an evening playdate. She looked so cute!

And so not to leave brother out:


The Shoemakers said...

love the dress. Leslie has a black eye from running into Jacksons guitar so Christmas pics are on hold lol

Carol said...

Poor little head!
Love the gobble dress. you did a great job! Livie looks adorable in it!!
Carter looks cute too!

Laney said...

Poor baby!
You did a great job on the dress. She looks so cute in it.