Friday, November 26, 2010

Thankful hearts

Yesterday, we celebrated Thanksgiving with some friends of ours. This was the first Thanksgiving since Theo and I were engaged that we haven't spent with his parents. But it was still a wonderful Thanksgiving for us and definitely the most low key one we've ever had!

The morning started off with Theo braving the 17 degree temperatures to go run a 5K "turkey trot" at the Y. Glad it was him and not me! :) There were almost 2000 people there. People here are hardcore about fitness I tell ya!

The rest of the day we spent just hanging out and watching football. Carter was surprisingly good and played by himself quite a bit. This was the first time in a long time that Theo and I were able to lay on the couch together without 100 interruptions.

Once Olivia woke up from her 3 hour nap, we headed to Shane and Kelly's house. They had done almost all of the cooking....we brought a sweet potato casserole along that Theo made. Kelly had a beautiful table set with her grandmother's china.

I thought that was so special. The food was great and plentiful! They even let us take a ton of leftovers home. Carter had a great time playing

(and riled all the other kids up, imagine that!) Olivia was a good girl too.

On our way out of their neighborhood, we saw this:

This year, we are most thankful for our health. It's been a challenging year. We are so thankful that although we were told otherwise, our baby as far as we know is going to be born healthy! God is so good.

We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving too!

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Carol said...

I'm thankful for you! thanks for the pictures. Olivia looks precious in her turkey dress that you made for her.