Monday, November 22, 2010

Moving countdown has begun!

Wow, in two more days, we'll get the keys to our new house! Can't believe it. I have already packed about 6 boxes. We had someone come today and give us an estimate for moving our furniture....$1500 just for the furniture! So, I'm still looking for a moving company. We'll see. Maybe that's the going rate. Just to move our swingset is another $600. That's more than what we paid for the thing (it was the previous tenants and they sold it to us for a "used" price).

This is going to be an expensive month for us and I'm so thankful we have savings! It's still a lot cheaper than it we were paying closing costs on a house. It's all goin to work out. It's just that anyone who knows me, knows I hate to be unsettled.

We're more than likely going to have to rent a little storage unit as this house has no basement. It has some indoor storage and a little garage storage. But going from a 3 car garage house with a huge unfinished basement to a 2 car garage with no basement is going to be a little difficult! I can NOT believe how much stuff we have. But truthfully, most of it is stuff we can't get rid of until we decide for sure we're done after baby #3. But that is still up in the air at this point. Theo has a lot of office/work stuff. I have a lot of medical books (which cost way too much to get rid of) and crafty stuff. But other than that, we don't have much that we don't need or use.

Our plan now is to make the 4th bedroom a guestroom/office and put the baby in our room for a while. Depending on the baby's gender and how well he or she sleeps, we'll then decide where to put him or her when they are a litle older. The house has two built in desks (really just a counter top made out to look like a desk) so I'm going to use the upstairs desk for my scrapbook/computer stuff and hopefully my desk filing cabinets will fit under there. We'll just have to store the top of my desk. It should just fit under our bed. Theo will hopefully put his desk in the 4th bedroom. We'll see.

I'm including a link to the
virtual tour
. I'll leave it up for a few days but then take it down later this week. This is almost our exact house except the yard is a little smaller and the outside color is different.

Let me know what you think about our new crib!

And just for kicks, this is what our little ones looked like this time last year!

What a difference a year makes.....especially for Olivia!


Laney said...

Wow, Olivia really did go blond!!!
Nice house! I know you will be happy once you get settled

Margo said... the house but what's up with the way the grass is planted in the backyard? You sound great, the kids are gorgeous as always, and Theo's catch of the century! Have a great holiday!