Sunday, November 7, 2010

Who's chasing who?

There is game the four of us like to play pretty frequently. I've named it "who's chasing who?" Now that Miss Priss crawls with lightning speed, we all get on the floor and start crawling around. Before long, it's hard to tell who's chasing who. Both of the kids (and usually Theo and I too) start laughing hysterically! I wish I could put a video on here because these pictures don't do it justice!

On some different notes, I got a call at 6 a.m. from our renters in LA saying the hot water heater is broken and there was water pouring out of the overflow pipe outside. Really? Today of all days. Theo is unavailable this week and without internet or cell phone access. Fortunately we have a home warranty so it was just a matter of putting in a service request. But still, today of all days? And now they have to be without hot water all day because it's not considered an emergency!

On a brighter note, the kids and I went to the America the beautiful park yesterday evening with some friends. The weather was gorgeous and we were trying to soak up the 70 degree air. There were sooooo many kids there! I was a little nervous I might lose Carter but fortunately he had on his bright orange Diego shirt so he was easy to spot. Afterwards we tried this new place to eat downtown. It was cool because they had a play area for the kids. The downside was that the food made me very sick! Now I remember why I gave up meat to begin with. Maybe I'll go back to that after this baby is born and I'm done nursing!

When I got home, I watched half of the tivo'ed LSU game! Geaux Tigers! I was thrilled they beat Alabama!. But when I saw this article this morning, I was a little disturbed. I've heard of wearing the same dirty socks for good luck, or letting one's hair grow out for good luck, but this takes the cake!

So, we're off to church this morning and then to circle store (aka Target) to get some much needed food. Other than that, we don't have any big plans for today.

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